McLean Select Basketball ("MSB") is a member club of the FCYBL and is the select basketball program offered by McLean Youth Basketball. MSB fields two teams in each of the four boys and girls age groups, for a total of 16 teams.

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McLean Select Basketball

Cutting Players Prior to the Completion of Tryouts
Inviting Players to Play for a Team
Accepting a Team Position

This section of the McLean Select Basketball "Tryout Process" addresses the following situations:
  • "Cutting" Players Prior to the Completion of the Tryout Process
  • Inviting Players to Play on a McLean Select Basketball team
  • Required Forms for Tryouts and Accepting a Select Position  

"Cutting" Players Prior to the Completion of the Evaluation Process
McLean Select recommends that some of the try-out participants are “cut” prior to the final round of evaluations to make tryouts more efficient for the overall group.  As a result, coaches may “cut” players after the second tryout – regardless of that player’s attendance.  Parents will receive an email notification of any “cuts” before 9am on the day of the next try-out – please check your emails each day of try-outs!


“Cuts” are challenging for parents, players and coaches.  All McLean Select coaches endeavor to make the process as fair, considerate and open as possible.  At the end of the evaluation process, parents should feel free to contact the Head Coach to gather information on opportunities for the development of their player’s basketball skills for the future.


As many people know, Michael Jordan was “cut” from his basketball team in high school, and McLean Select hopes that our “cut” players realize that they can improve and surpass players in their age group with hard work and an increased level of maturity for try-outs the following year.

Inviting Players to Play for McLean Select Youth Basketball
McLean Select recommends 4 try-outs for each age group.  However, the “A” team coach may select some or all of his players after the third try-out.  In these cases, the final try-out is designed to make final decisions on the “bubble” players for the “B” team.


All coaches are encouraged to provide direct commentary to parents about their expectations and player criteria to begin the try-outs, and coaches are permitted to provide feedback to parents on the performance of that individual player during the evaluation process at the coach’s discretion.  However, coaches are highly discouraged to provide “insider” information to players and parents regarding team selections until the evaluations are finalized for each team.


After the completion of their evaluation of the players, coaches will provide a formal invitation to play for McLean Select to the parent(s) of each player by email as listed on the try-out form.  


For those players invited to join a team, parents will have 1 day to sign a “Acceptance of Team Selection” form authorized by FCBYL Rule 5.1.3 [link coming soon].  Once this form is signed by the player and a parent, the player has officially accepted an offer from the McLean Select Youth Basketball program and is precluded from playing for another FCYBL member organization for the current season. 


McLean Select also requires that the parents of an invited player sign two other forms:

(1)   Parent Confirmation of Player Conflicts which was previously provided  --  [link to form coming shortly]

(2)   The MSB Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players and Parents – see “Code of Conduct for McLean Select Coaches, Players and Parents.”


If these forms are not signed within 24 hours, the coach may offer that spot to another player.


A final note to parents of players invited to play on the “B” team.  Please do not appeal the “injustice” of a “B” team position – there are many players who did not receive the opportunity to play McLean Select basketball and would like that same position.


    Required Forms for Tryouts and Accepting a Select Position
The following forms must be completed to accept a position on a McLean Select Basketball team [links coming soon]:


·         Try-out form to be completed by the parent(s) and provided to the coaches at the sign-in of the first tryout session attended

·         FCYBL “Acceptance of Team Selection” form

·         Parent Confirmation of Player Conflicts

·         The MSB Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players and Parents (including a release for team photos on the web site)

Last Updated:  September 15, 2010.