McLean Select Basketball ("MSB") is a member club of the FCYBL and is the select basketball program offered by McLean Youth Basketball. MSB fields two teams in each of the four boys and girls age groups, for a total of 16 teams.

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McLean Select Basketball

Mission & Values


Teach talented and enthusiastic players the basketball fundamentals necessary to compete in McLean-area high school athletics and achieve team success. 

2.         Develop values in players needed to enjoy and succeed in sports and future life adventures.


3.         Provide positive coaching, training, game and team experiences for a lifetime enjoyment of the game.


4.         Recruit great coaches who bring sportsmanship, integrity, basketball knowledge, and a love of the sport to our young players.





McLean Select coaches will “honor the game” and will teach, emphasize and reward players and teams that demonstrate key elements needed for success in athletics and future endeavors:


                        Commitment                                                     Communication

                        Effort                                                                Enthusiasm      

                        Leadership                                                        Listening

                        Perseverance                                                    Preparation

                        Sportsmanship                                                  Teamwork





 Last Updated:  September 15, 2010.