McLean Select Basketball ("MSB") is a member club of the FCYBL and is the select basketball program offered by McLean Youth Basketball. MSB fields two teams in each of the four boys and girls age groups, for a total of 16 teams.

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McLean Select Basketball

Code of Conduct

All coaches, players and participants in the Select League are bound by McLean Youth Basketball’s Code of Conduct.  Sportsmanship among the coaches, players, and fans is a fundamental part of all McLean Youth Basketball (“MYB”) activities. Inappropriate behavior by any participant in MYB Basketball, including fans, players, and coaches, will not be tolerated at any time, for any reason.


Coaches.  Coaches will instruct team members in the rules and coach their team in such a way as to instill MSB values and motivate each player to compete according to MYB rules and honor the game of basketball. Coaches have an obligation to make their players better individually and as team members.  Head coaches are also responsible for the appropriate behavior of assistant coaches, parents and players with respect to referees and opposing players, fans and coaches. Coaches shall run their team to improve the overall team and will weigh the interests of the overall team above their personal interests or the individual interests of a specific player or players.


Players.  Players in McLean Youth Basketball have an obligation to their coach and to their team. Players agree to: 
(1) show up on time and to notify their coach in advance if they will be unable to participate,
(2) show appropriate respect and listen closely to their coach,
(3) show respect to the members of their team, referees, and opposing players and fans,
(4) properly prepare and positively approach practices and games, 
(5) conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times, and
(6) restrict their activities to gymnasiums only while on school property and show appropriate consideration for school property and the property of other individuals.


McLean Select is subject to the rules of basketball as adopted by the National Federation of State of High School Associations (“NFHS”),, the rules as modified by FCYBL, and the guidelines and all other rules and regulations governing the Select League of McLean Youth Basketball, – see the full McLean Basketball Code of Conduct there. 

Last Updated:  September 22, 2010.