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McLean Select Basketball

16 McLean Select Players Earn All-League Honors
2 Coaches Win MVC Award


McLean All-League Players in Attendance at
the 2010 All-League Banquet on March 7, 2010


The following 16 McLean Select players earned all-league honors for the 2009-2010 season:



Girls' Teams

Boys' Teams

Kelsey Dunn, G10-1

Shea Daly, G10-1

Paige Galiani, G11-1
Taylor Kramer, G11-1

Halle Duenkel, B11-2
Katie Hedrick, B11-2

Marta Sniezek, G12-1

Madeline Kulik, G14-1

Melanie Becher, G14-2

Jay Goettman, B10-1
Tommy Persinski, B10-1

Harrison Osborne, B10-2N

Christopher Murphy, B11-1

Blake Mintz, B11-2N

Jack Saunders, B12-2N
Seth Jaffe, B12-2N


Two McLean coaches also earned Most Valuable Coaches honors:  Clay Buckley G10-1 and Jim Butler G11-1.

Congratuations to our all-league players and two MVCs.