McLean Select Basketball ("MSB") is a member club of the FCYBL and is the select basketball program offered by McLean Youth Basketball. MSB fields two teams in each of the four boys and girls age groups, for a total of 16 teams.

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McLean Select Basketball
2010-2011 Season Archives
FCYBL Adopts Grade-Based Teams
Starting With 2011-2012 Season

On April 6, 2011, the FCYBL Council approved two changes to the FCYBL Rules:

Change to Grade-Based Teams
By a vote of 13-4, the Council changed the rules for team formation to a grade-based system from an age-based system. 

Starting with the 2011-2012 season, teams will be formed based on the grades that players are in for such season; there are very limited age restrictions, but generally teams will be formed based on what grade the player is in for that season.

This replaces the old age-based team formation rules whereby a player was eligible for a team based upon his/her age on September 30 of each year, with each team being allowed two "grade exceptions."  

6th Grade Boys to Use 28.5 Inch Basketball
In a unanimous 17-0 vote, starting with the 2011-2012 season, 6th grade boys will use a 28.5 inch basketball for league play.  The 28.5 inch basketball has been used in 5th grade FCYBL boys' play for quite a while.  The 29.5 inch regulation men's basketball will be used for boys' Grades 7 and 8 league action.

Girls will continue to use the 28.5 inch basketball in all grades for FCYBL play. 

Rules Updated Online
The rules section of the website has been updated to reflect these changes.